Facebook is the platform to connect with your near and long distance friends  as well as the strangers. This immensely popular social media platform can be misused and your social security is in danger. Facebook Password Sniper is a tool which is designed to hack the Facebook account. On the other hand, you can use it to recover your hacked account of Facebook. The Facebook Password Sniper launched in 2013 and instantly gained huge popularity. The developers released an updated version in 2014. With the help of this tool, you can hack the Facebook account in your computer effortlessly.

How Facebook Password Sniper Works?

The Facebook Password Sniper uses the Rainbow Table password cracking technique along with some secret methods. Before releasing of the application, the developers tested it with 94% of success rate. More than 95% Facebook accounts have weak password strength. And those poorly secured accounts are the victims of Facebook Password Sniper. But it fails to hack the accounts which have the strong passwords.

Steps to Hack Password Using Facebook Password Sniper:

  1. The first thing you need to hack a Facebook profile is the application itself. You can download the Facebook Password Sniper from their website or try them on the browser.
  2. Then you will need the username of the victim. For that purpose go to the victim Facebook profile and copy the username.
  3. Now paste the username or the ID on the box named Username, or ID, or Profile URL
  4. Then you have to insert your email id in the box in which you want to receive the password.
  5. Now click on the Proceed button to command the software to start gathering data from the victim’s profile.
  6. Now you have to complete the human verification step.
  7. Then you have to click on the Show button to get the password.

If you forget Facebook mail account password than instantly recover password using Tips and tricks discuss by Facebook help service numberHow to hack password Using Facebook Password Sniper.

How to get the verification code for Facebook Password Sniper?

The most tricky part of this application is to get the verification code simply find it with help of Facebook Technical  Customer Support & Service Guidelines. It is very difficult to get the code for free. Some people sell the verification codes of Facebook Password Sniper for good amount of money. Or you can get the code from some websites which are distributing them in limited numbers with downloads from the particular website.

Remember that, the hacking Facebook profile is considered as the cyber crime. So don’t misuse the Facebook Password Sniper to get access to anyone’s account. Try to use it to revive an old account or recover a hacked account.



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